Chuck McFall & Company is a nationally recognized leader in product management processes, product marketing processes, and project planning and skills training for hi-tech companies. Chuck McFall was formerly a marketing executive with General Mills where he managed consumer products with the Betty Crocker label including cake mixes, frostings, potato products and also new products/new ventures. He has since worked with hi-tech companies successfully applying the tools and techniques learned in the fast-paced, consumer-packaged foods industry to these hi-tech, business-to-business markets. With over 25 years of practicing, teaching and consulting experience, we take pride in remaining virtually at the "state-of-the-art" in this critical area of product and market management. We have focused our efforts in this special area because of the unique marketing and product challenges there. We help organizations improve their competitiveness and profitability by:

Consulting • Coaching • Doing • Training

One Keystone of our success is our ability to work at all levels of your orgainization. Not only can we work with top management to provide organizational, structural and process-related assistance (consulting), we also enjoy "rolling up our sleeves" to provide value-added assistance to a specific department, division or product area (coaching) or helping achieve results on a particular project, product or program (doing). We actively seek to reinforce the use of our proven techniques that have been developed over many years of professional marketing experience. Through our training offering, "Effective Product and Market Management", we have trained over 6000 product managers worldwide in marketing, product planning, product development and product management disciplines (training). The combination of "big picture" consulting and "hands-on" work at the project and training levels soon builds confidence among your marketing/product management personnel and tends to build their credibility across the organization as they grow their competence and deliver improved results.