Chuck McFallChuck McFall is president of Chuck McFall & Company, a marketing consulting firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In addition to consulting with major Fortune 500 firms, he also conducts seminars all over the world on Product Management and Product Marketing. He has written over 36 articles as the author of "Product Management Today", a monthly column on product management issues published by the Bank Administration Institute.

Mr. McFall was formerly a brand management executive with General Mills, Inc. managing several Betty Crocker products including the cake mix line, frosting and potato products. In addition, he was responsible for developing new products and new ventures as part of his product management duties there.

He has also been an entrepreneur, owning and managing two different companies, one in educational play products for schools and child care providers and the other in hi-tech electronics for business-to-business clients.

In his consulting practice, Mr. McFall works primarily with hi-tech products and services in such industries as data processing hardware, software and systems; telecommunications; financial services and medical products. He has experience in a broad range of marketing areas, including product management, product planning, product development, evaluating market feasibility, conducting market research studies and defining product feature/functionality based upon customer requirements, among other things.

He has taught graduate level courses in the executive M.B.A. program at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. He conducts seminar/consulting work with that University as well as leading on-site workshops. He has worked with such companies as 3M, AT&T, Andersen Windows, Microsoft, US Bank, Deluxe Corporation, United Health Care, Honeywell, NCR Corporation, and approximately 100 other companies worldwide.

His educational background includes an M.B.A. from Indiana University and undergraduate degree in Psychology from DePauw University.